5 fan things – mental health quotes

Today we have 5 fab mental health quotes I have lovingly slurped from Pinterest.

5 fab quotes about mental health struggles.

People – the struggle is real.  Every. Bloomin’. Day.

Is it #justme?


Yup. That was me.


Today. Yesterday. I am a living legend.


Don’t be jealous.


This happens to me most nights, just so my friend insomnia can come visit.

Do any resonate with you?

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Sticky Collaboration

Yooo-hooo!  Over here!

Just before Christmas I was asked by the rather lovely people over on every Primary (and increasingly Secondary) Teachers favourite website Twinkl Resources to write a series of guest posts that collaborate with them and Henkel.  Of course I said yes!  Ok, I may have squealed yes.

What is Pritt Stick?

Henkel are the rather clever people behind Pritt stick, and if you are new to the planet you may not know that these glue sticks are the royalty of sticky stuff.  Never again will your stuck stuff unstick when you use a Pritt Stick!

pritt stick

The only time I have even had an issue with Pritt Stick in a glueing emergency I used the sparkly coloured sticks, not realising that they would show through in a beautiful wobbly sparkly coloured rectangle the other side of the exercise book page.

coloured pritt stick

Anyway, head on over to the site to see my work and enjoy the site too!




Please note that I was asked to write this post and use certain products that were provided for free in return for the post I wrote for the twinkl site.  All views are my own.

Declutter December – Are You In?

Last year in December I did a little “Declutter December” through my twitter account.  I loved it and it helped me, even if no one else, so I decided that it might be nice to share here this year too.  This post aims just to introduce the idea and give you a hint at what is to come.  Each day of December will give you a little area to sort through and make sure it is all perfect – tickity boo – ready for the start of 2018.  I love decluttering, but find the idea more than a little overwhelming sometimes.  These little jobs make it all much more achievable!

So welcome to:

Declutter December!

Every day in December, try and go through one group of items as listed below, and if you are happy with them, skip it!  If you want to add more or go further – go ahead!  Your decluttering process, your rules.  Sorting at this time of year really can make you feel more in control and on top of the crazy that happens around this time of year, so use it as a guide, but not a punishment.  Use it as a ego boost enterprise that helps you feel better – not worse!

The assignments!

  1. declutter your bag
  2. go through your pen pot
  3. Phone
  4. junk drawer/dumping space
  5. old christmas decorations
  6. beauty products.
  7. paperwork
  8. tinned foods
  9. clothes
  10. email
  11. books
  12. medicines
  13. matches and magazines
  14. baking supplies
  15. finances
  16. TV recording box
  17. towels
  18. fridge
  19. freezer
  20. DVDs
  21. make up
  22. kitchen appliances
  23. bed linen
  24. alcohol/drinks
  25. wrapping paper
  26. tupperware
  27. crockery
  28. ornaments
  29. documents on the computer
  30. CDs
  31. hobby supplies

Will you be joining me?  Are there any things you would modify?  Do please let me know!

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