Normally I just think this stuff in my head.  Today (not sure why) I thought I’d share.

Love, loathe, wish


  • love my husband and believe in and love God.
  • Laughing is fantastic.
  • We love our little compact house.
  • I love being a yarnie.
  • Teaching is awesome, especially reception classes.  I enjoy making resources for school and I love to colour code.
  • love reading and find fabric irresistible.
  • I enjoy playing board games.
  • love yellow.
  • I prefer dresses and bright bar shoes.
  • Learning gives me as genuine thrill.
  • love Makaton.
  • Colour is my jam, it rocks my world.
  • get a thrill when decluttering and I’m proud of trying to follow the Simple Living Model.
  • love jigsaw puzzles and practical crafts.
  • Baking is brilliant, and I am learning to cook with more confidence.  Tea and cake are two of my favourite things.
  • adore tactile things that make me itch to touch them and I have to stroke smooth wood when I see it.
  • like playing vinyl records and playing the violin and piano (in private).
  • I love birthdays, Bonfire Night and Christmas.
  • Disney is awesome.
  • My wedding was the best day in my life.


  • The amount of paperwork involved in the teaching profession is hideous.
  • don’t like my body. I hate being obese.
  • It irritates me that I default to TV to pass the time.
  • Blocking knitting is not in my skill set.
  • don’t like feeling lost and I don’t like that I enjoy gossiping.
  • resent the time, money, debt, and potential I squandered at uni. It feels like I could have done so much more if I’d focused on me, my learning and being wiser with money. Looking back, however, I was more interested in being the life and soul of multiple friendship groups and trying to fit in.
  • I hate feeling guilty, and that it happens so much.
  • loathe debt which worries me a lot, like all the time.  Paying our mortgage off will be like a led weight is being taken off my chest.
  • I have a thing about eggs that makes me flinch when I crack one thinking a chick may be inside.


  • wish I wasn’t so focused on other people’s views on me, because deep down I know they aren’t important.
  • hope one day I wont be so self-conscious and I will be able to play my instruments in public.
  • need to budget better and spend only a minimal amount on life.
  • I’d like to be more confident with using my sewing machine and making stuff, or just do it anyway.
  • I wish I could enjoy exercise.
  • I’d love to be a Godparent.
  • I’m working on I was more ecofriendly, and it wasn’t such an effort to me.

Everyone has likesloathes and wishes.  I just need to stop beating myself up about them all day everyday.

What do you love, loathe or wish for?

Love, Loathe, Wish

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