Depression, Anxiety and me – an unhappy threesome.

A small attempt to try and explain my inner me, and why there are sometimes absences here on the blog.

Depression, Anxiety and me – an unhappy threesome.

If you have had depression, anxiety or any mental health diagnoses, you know how some days being out of bed is an achievement.  If you haven’t ever suffered, my top tip to help you support others?  Never, ever, ever, ask someone:

  • if they are better now?
  • to just cheer up
  • to keep busy
  • to stop worrying

as a starter.

Husband is incredibly awesome at doing what this image explains, as an instinctive and intuitive response to one of my sad days.  He often says he has no idea how to help, which is the most frustrating thing about it for him.  But the following images show him, and any other supporters, a few ideas on what to do.




One of the hardest things for me is to accept that on days where I feel stable, I still need to take care of myself, to stop the bad days coming.

I try and believe that…

though I know that too much caffeine may affect my insomnia or migraines (jury is still out for me…).  Oh I am a joy – what a lucky husband he is!

Some days I feel like:


but I try and hold on to the fact that it is part of me, probably forever.  It’s ok though if I remember that…


5 fab things – helpful teaching infographics

I feel like sometimes it is very much teachers vs home carers/parents when it comes to helping the children.  Teachers have crazy methods that work well in the classroom, but sometimes just don’t translate to the home (just me?).  When this happens, it can lead to mixed messages, contrasting methods and generally confused children.  Using infographics like these can allow both all of the stakeholders in the process to be “on message”.  I find that talking through the points at workshops or parents’ evenings combined with using them regularly in the classroom means that the infographics can be a vital reminder to students and parents too.

This post includes 5 of my favourite infographics for primary teachers.

5 fab things – helpful teaching infographics

The first four images were found on the internet, mainly through pinterest – so feel free to share, pin and tweet yourself!  Theycan be considered quick reference guides on:

  • parent involvement with maths and reading,
  • what to do if you have 5 minutes spare time
  • whole body reading and what it means




My final infographic is one I created to help parents understand the type of holistic learning that the Early Learning Goals (ELG) cover. Sometimes parents are so focused on the reading and writing, they forget that in Early Years learning to do a zip, know the seasons, hold a pencil correctly, and explore art in a number of mediums are just as important!

My Reception Goals

Do you have any infographics you think are invaluable?  Please share below!

5 fab things – Disney songs

I love Disney.  There I said it.  In particular I love the animated films.  And my extra special favourite are the animated movies with songs in.  There are just so many Disney films to pick from nowadays, but I have worked extra specially hard for you to produce my 5 fab things, Disney Song edition.  Though I imagine there will be more Disney film themed post because basically….

I love Disney!!!

So today I am going to share 5 of my personal favourite Disney songs, complete with youtube links.  Oooh I’m excited.  Let’s do this!

at #5:

Hercules is underrated, Hades is an excellent villain, there is a great heroine twist and it includes this song….

#4 Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid.

It is impossible for me to not include a song from this film, seeing as it is the best one.  (It was my equivalent Frozen obsession…)  I was torn between this and Kiss the Girl, but the memories of my brother and I dueting to this one pushed it slightly ahead.

#3 Man or Muppet? from the Muppets Movie

Technically not a cartoon…. Just watch it…

Oh, and I went to the same school as the Director, so I feel weirdly invested.

#2 Fixer Upper – Frozen

The most underrated song in the Frozen phenomenon – and also hilarious:


My number one personal favourite is…..  When I see an elephant fly, from Dumbo.

I love the film, but it isn’t my favourite.  I love the song because it has the classic Disney qualities we all love:

  • it’s short,
  • it’s appropriate
  • it fits the story
  • and it has humour for the adults in the room!

I love the innocent word double meanings and have been known to use it for grammar lessons on figurative language and homonyms…  It’s combining my two loves – teaching and Disney – what’s not to love????

In my top 10, I also have Prince Ali from Aladdin and Me Ol’ Bamboo from Mary Poppins.  However, if I’d really thought about it I probably done 15 fab things, which isn’t quite the natty title…

So which is your Disney Film Song favourite?  Let me know below!

Celebrating Christmas in the classroom – decorations

Just a quick one today:-

I love decorating with the kids.  I love that it can stimulate conversations about traditions, culture and home life.  (EYFS-ers think Understanding of the World evidence with bells on!).

It’s a great chance for kids to show off their repeat pattern knowledge through things such as paperchains:

3 9 Metre Coloured Paper Chains Garland Party Decoration 10 Colours | eBay

which are also great for fine motor skills – and maybe make a christmas tree…

enfeite de porta de natal

I love these because they could be hung on washing lines, trees and would be perfect as a child initiated activity left out for free choice time.

Xmas kids craft.would make great ornaments for the tree!! Also a great activity for exploring patterns and fine motor skills.

Ooh a bit of sticking – I would use PVA/runny glue to make these on cardboard circles.  Another perfect do-it-yourself activity for free choice time.

Made these for a homemade ornament swap...but you can wear it as a pin as well.

I also like to get a small artificial tree, some cheap decs and let the kids hang them.  Then encourage them to make their own.

All teachers like a writing opportunity, so how about this?  Leave luggage labels with loops of string on out.  Model writing a christmas wish and hanging them on the tree.  Hopefully the kids will fill your tree write up – though make sure to model writing their name on too…

Twinkl helps out too…

Window Decoration Rangoli Pattern EYFS Adult Input Plan and Craft Pack - rangoli, pattern

Now the title is Rangoli – but I’m pretty sure it could be used for Christmas too…

Something about this next resource is just so crazy cute…

Simple 3D Block Baubles Christmas Decoration Activity Paper Craft - baubles, christmas, decorations, christmas tree, paper craft, nets

What ideas do you have? Share them with us!


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