All About Zoë:-

Make me happy with:

fabric, yarn, knitting, my beloved, tea, anything rabbit-orientated, the colour yellow, new notebooks, flowers, bargain hunting, teaching, Disney movies or merchandise, my mum’s cottage pie, retro furniture, tricycling, France and all things french, handmade blankets, crochet, sets of rainbow felt tip pens, candles, my garden, bullet journalling, books and reading, cuddles, coffee, baking, Kuminho braids, talking about my wedding, sewing, a roast dinner, recycling, upcycling, cake, vintage, anything christmassy, being at home, stationery,


Make me sad by:

feeding me egg white or chocolate,  reminding me of my budget, being rude, raining on my parade, warning lights going on in my car, being in debt,

I wish I could:

crochet from a pattern, save money, find clothes that fit in charity shops,  create more hours in a day, be a healthy weight, redecorate my house, have more rabbits, start a rabbit rescue, stop buying rainbow sets of felt tip pens…


…me and him…


teaching, crating, loveling life
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